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Top Small Business Grants for Women

July 4, 2019,

Women entrepreneurs have become a major force in the world of small business, and here are five grants specifically for them.


Business Fundability Quiz

The Fundability Quiz is designed to show you which of the 9 most common business financing options your business may qualify for, and why.  Read more


5 Reasons It Might Be Time to Switch Business Banks

July 2, 2019

With options from small and big banks to credit unions and online lenders, there’s no reason to stay in an unsatisfactory banking relationship.


Understanding Classes of Stock

June 30, 2019,

When starting a corporation, should you issue stock to your shareholders? Learn about types and classes of stock, their unique benefits and disadvantages.


Beware the Easy Money

June 30, 2019,

A new predatory lending scheme is targeting struggling small business owners. Here's what to watch out for.


Podcast: Small Business Credit

In this podcast, SCORE mentors talk with Ty Kiisel of OnDeck about personal vs. business credit and how to obtain business loans. Read more


My Loan Application Was Rejected. What’s Next?

June 27, 2019,

Loan rejected? Let’s talk about some of the reasons you may have been turned down and what you can do to improve the odds next time.